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John Brown

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Applies technology to business challenges, streamline processes to enhance marketing & sales. Solves problems.

Technology is meant to improve our lives.

John is an experienced SaaS entrepreneur working at the intersection of business and technology to create new products and experiences for his customers. He has a passion for product management, marketing and development and believes a key ingredient for successful platform-based businesses is building confidence (internally and externally) in the products and services.

In the late 90s, He was the developer of Dell's usability and style guidelines for use on the Dell intranet and was responsible for both the US and global Dell intranet websites. After leaving Dell John was a lead developer at a bio-tech startup where his primary focus was building intranet and extranet applications to handle dynamic operational processes and large amounts of complex laboratory and analysis data.

John took and applied his experiences into a successful small technology consulting practice serving Austin and Raleigh where he aligned with innovative creative businesses and marketing agencies to extend their technology and digital marketing capabilities.

In 2006 he and his business partner started an innovative through-partner marketing automation business where John designed, built and managed the platform, provided product vision, ownership, management and marketing. Through its dynamic and successful track record John had many roles but at the heart of it was a balance of product, marketing and technology - utilizing his skills and leadership to bring together the different teams with the business through lots of exciting changes - and success for their customers.

The SharedVue business was acquired by UBM (aka: Everything Channel, The Channel Company) in 2010. John wore a lot of hats including Product Development, CTO, CIO, Managing Director, Senior VP of Platform and Technology. SharedVue was later acquired again by Zift Solutions in 2015. They achieved the double-acquisition power-up!

John is a proven technology leader - finding innovative solutions, building successful technology platforms and driving businesses through startup, growth and acquisition. He is an enabling force for sales, marketing and customer success to build strong customer relationships around products and services. John is creative, efficient and can lead teams to solve problems.

What is ShareDirect?

ShareDirect is a SaaS platform that provides personal engagement sites for customer-facing personnel.

The engagement sites can be managed at a group level or individually - and, each site is personalized for the representative and for each visitor - we call this bi-directional personalization.

ShareDirect also provides easy, intuitive email tools for outreach to new and existing prospects.

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