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Reid Overcash

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Developing innovative technology that helps companies improve and scale their marketing and sales to effectively grow their business.

Reid Overcash
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Reid serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board for HeronMartech, Inc. He is an experienced senior professional manager who understands current marketing technology used in business applications and how to manage that technology in marketing and selling to customers to grow their businesses. He has worked with most of the major technology and IT companies including IBM, H-P, Cisco, SAP, AT&T, VMware and many others by helping them increase their market presence using the most current technology. Over his career in marketing and as a CEO, Reid has worked with a variety of market segments including insurance, banking, technology, food service, public safety, manufacturing, energy and others.

Reid has been married for 40 years to Susan Wilson Overcash and has two children: Alexandra “Zandy” – 34 years old, Professional Interior Designer and owner of The Warehouse, and Adrienne – 23 years old, inside sales manager for Gartner, Inc, an international research and consulting company. Reid graduated from East Carolina University in 1973 with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science.

He also currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board for Yillio, Inc. a sophisticated, patented route-based network that uses location, navigation and a variety of contextual inputs to match mobile consumers with relevant places, offers and discounts.

Prior Career History

SharedVue CEO and Chairman of the Board

A web-based software firm working with enterprise technology companies supporting their channel network resellers. Began company as an outgrowth from Strategic Insights and had a successful exit with a publicly held British company in April, 2013. All the staff, including myself, transferred to That company.

Strategic Insights, (Brand Marketing and Advertising) CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Handled a wide variety of clients both regional and national accounts from small start-ups to multi-billion enterprise companies
  • Built company from $1m to $15m over a 10 year period.
  • Created the highly acclaimed “Click-it or Ticket” and “Booze-it and Loose-it” public service campaign now used nation-wide.
  • Created unique branding philosophy, “Vibrant Brand Personality.”
  • Agency won over 100 creative and marketing awards from industry peers and those who view and report on advertising.
  • Authored the book, “Whose Brand Is It Anyway?” a memoir and training book for building successful brand identity.
  • Re-published new edition of branding book, “Brand-Aid,” co-authored with Dr. Dan Haygood, Professor of Marketing at the University of Tennessee.
  • Selected as judge for the prestigious “EFFIE” awards for marketing effectiveness for the American Marketing Association
Community Activities
  • Served for 9 years on the Wake County United Way Board, 2 years as Vice Chairman of Marketing
  • Served on the board of Raleigh Little Theatre
  • Past president of the Raleigh Racquet Club, 2 terms
  • Helped found the world acclaimed Carolina Ballet and served on the Board of Directors for 13 years
  • Active member of the Raleigh Rotary Club for over 20 years
  • Served as 2-term Chairman of Board of Visitors at East Carolina University
  • Member of the ECU Foundation Board and the ECU Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Advancement Board
  • Served as President of the North Carolina School Bus Safety Association-Successfully lobbied for legislation that required all school bus drivers to be adults

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