What is ShareDirect?

ShareDirect is a SaaS platform that provides personal engagement sites for customer-facing personnel. The engagement sites can be managed at a group level or individually - and, each site is personalized for the representative and for each visitor - we call this bi-directional personalization. ShareDirect also provides easy, intuitive email tools for outreach to new and existing prospects.
All of these components work seamlessly together to provide a personalized experience for customers - they also provide users clear, intelligent profiles that can be used within CRM, PRM and other Digital Marketing tools.
Profile your customers to provide custom personalized experiences

A new way to deepen customer relationships

ShareDirect is a scalable customer engagement platform that presents customer representatives and community managers as the "face" of your business -- thought-leaders, subject matter experts and trusted advisors.

Using centrally-managed personalized engagement sites, email and other outreach tools customer reps build stronger digital relationships with your community gaining deeper insights and intelligence.

Using our exclusive Bi-Directional Personalization the results are improved retention, increased cross-/up-sell opportunities and visible differentiation with your competitors.

The ShareDirect Solution

For the first time you have a scalable technology to personally engage your customers on an on-going frequent basis. Using ShareDirect your company representatives can provide personalized content based on your customer's needs and interests anytime/anywhere. Marketing and influencer content can be automated and updated based on each customer's activity and behavior for personal engagement.

All metrics are available on the platform through Federated Dashboards and there is even an exclusive "Engagement Score."

Technology for Direct Personalized Engagement:

  • Create conduit to customers for direct personalized engagement
  • Retarget content based on customer-selected interests and needs using Agile Marketing strategy
  • Unique, scalable engagement site for each company representative
  • Easy to use and manage for company personnel or ShareDirect team can assist through our SD-Facilitate program
  • Full metrics and reporting and exclusive "Engagement Score"
  • Will help grow revenue and rediscover lost revenue

Metrics and Analytics:

  • Each site owner has a dashboard with individual engagement metrics for each customer and aggregate metrics for all customers using the platform.
  • Corporate dashboard with full control and all metrics from each engagement site and customer. Manage and direct content from this platform and access full analytics.
  • Provides exclusive Customer Engagement Score composed of 12 key metrics, custom weighted for the user or customer.
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Current Target Markets

Business to Business

ShareDirect can seamlessly work with any B2B organization that has inside or outside representatives, account or success managers or experts on call. It is important to note that ShareDirect is NOT a CRM, CMS or other management platform but can integrate and serve as a Force Multiplier to any of those types of technology

  • Technology
  • Consulting
  • Community Management and Engagement
  • Channel and Partner Enablement
  • Education, Training and Awareness
  • Worldwide Industrial Organizations
Financial Services & Banking

Financial services and banking have a particularly acute need for re-engaging with their customers as digital disruption has de-personalized those industries resulting in loss of regular customer contact. Allow ShareDirect to provide a unique digital way to engage with those customers in a personalized way to fit their needs and interests.

  • Business Banking Services
  • Consumer Banking Services
  • Credit Union Member Engagement
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management
  • Other related services and products
Medical and Pharmaceutical

This very broad category includes companies that market directly to the healthcare providers, HCPs, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment, and other services. It covers marketing to hospitals and many of the different types of health clinics and even directly to patients. Needless to say in this very dynamic environment offering highly personalized communications options that build knowledge and trust can be a major differentiator.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Equipment Companies
  • Multi-location Medical Clinics
  • Patient Services Organizations
  • CRO Companies
Chain Specialty Retail

The retail industry has probably taken the biggest hit from digital encroachment through the many online ordering opportunities available now. Some malls are shutting down completely and several major retailers who have been icons in the industry are either completely out of business or close to it. There is much hope to those organizations who want to nurture and engage their customers and help them fulfill their wants and needs. ShareDirect can be a big part of that process driving customers back to the store to see that the staff knows them and is interested in helping them.

  • Women’s or men’s retail specialty chains, clothing and otherwise
  • Cosmetics as stand-alone or inside a larger store
  • Retail chains that specialize in a particular market segment
  • Branded retailers that are located within mass merchandisers

Recent Posts

These are featured posts and articles mostly from third party research and studies that Reid shares with his audience using his ShareDirect-enabled Engagement Site.
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Best practices, studies and resources about marketing, personalization, branding and other important topics.

Business Challenges

Businesses with multiple customer-facing employees can have a difficult time adjusting to the overwhelming encroachment of digital media into their customer relationships. How do organizations embrace technology and enable their employees to continue to build and sustain relationships?

Does your business have these challenges/needs:

Are you losing personal contact and relationships with your customers and prospects due to digital encroachment?

Do you want to allow your local representatives the opportunity to promote agile content unique to each customer that fulfills their interests and needs?

How can you have the ability to deploy marketing assets such as video, blogs, influencer content based on individual customer interests and needs?

Would you like to protect current revenue and grow new sources of sales?

Do you need to enable your internal marketing teams to manage and monitor the messaging your sales teams push to prospects and customers?

Market Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities to connect with customers one-way digitally. But with Bi-Directional Personalization ShareDirect re-invents how you can use technology thus changing how engagement is done.

Critical business opportunities for customer engagement:

Consumers are craving more focused content at a smaller scale - we often call this "atomic" content

Companies need technologies to empower their workers and provide great service to customers

Success may be determined by the race to fully integrate analytics, video, personalized anywhere-anytime advice, and other digital capabilities

Organizations need to empower and transform the workforce with new digital tools and greater access to data insights

Businesses want to create a seamless customer experience across channels and improve marketing efficiency

Company representative can blend the best of the digital, physical and personal relationship worlds

A new, scalable way to build customer relationships

The ShareDirect platform is the enabler for direct personalized engagement between company representatives and their customers.

SD Facilitate

ShareDirect Experienced Personnel can provide initial and on-going support of the ShareDirect platform by helping manage, organize and integrate the technology with your organization. In addition, we can help you with consulting and technical assistance to assure the ultimate success of the technology. We will arrange regular meetings based on your needs to facilitate the entire process. We can provide all of the below functions or a partial list and/or help more at the beginning of the program or manage it on-going.

ShareDirect Program Consulting

  • Most effective strategic usage of platform
  • Technical Integration with other existing technology within the organization
  • Delivery of messages using various outbound omni-channel programs
  • Weaving ShareDirect into the total marketing effort
  • Insights and actions

Management of ShareDirect Program

  • Maintain Engagement-Site and domain set-up
  • Develop and manage email, social media and omni-channel outbound efforts
  • Create and develop email templates
  • Analysis and Reporting on metrics and personalization
  • Transfer, help develop or build and maintain customer lists
  • Best practices

Content Creation or Organization

  • Best personalized usage of current content
  • Research third party content (Blogs, Studies, reports. Etc.)
  • Create internal Thought Leadership positioning
  • Repurpose currently available content to personally engage with your customer
  • Set up effective tagging and taxonomy of content and content library

Digital Integration

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems
  • Marketing Automation platforms
  • Lead Generation and Management systems
  • Data Analytics and Reporting platforms
  • Authentication and Authorization systems
  • Other third-party or custom systems

Reporting and Analysis

  • Customer engagement, profiling and scoring
  • Customer representative performance and profiling
  • Content utilization and performance
  • Web, email, social, search engagement and activity

Marketing and Technical Consulting

Helping to determine the best opportunities for digital transformation of your organization throughout the marketing ecosystem.

Stop Waiting! Start Engaging!


ShareDirect is highly scalable, available for a handful of company representatives or many thousands.

Flexible set up

The ShareDirect platform can be set up as a self-service model or, with our SD-Facilitate program, be fully managed by the ShareDirect team based on the instructions of the company personnel.


Our platform is flexible by allowing company marketing personnel to have full or partial control of content and outreach with each representative.


Outreach can be performed through the platform using email, digital advertising, search marketing, social media or mobile marketing.


ShareDirect is fully compatible to use on mobile devices including iOS, Android, tablets, etc.

Let us show you how we can help you recover revenue and grow new opportunity through true engagement.

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